Tarot readings: help during desperate times?

I remember buying my first Tarot deck when I was 11. I was very drawn to all things mysterious, mystical, magical. I think a lot of children are. I started learning to read Tarot on my own and I actually had a few reading requests from people I knew. There were also times when I didn’t pick up the cards at all. Sometimes, some years had gone by before I picked the cards again, so my relationship with the cards was an on-off thing for many years.

In the past decade, however, I’ve been working with the cards more and I’ve had clients asking for readings on a regular basis. I’ve noticed both from myself and clients that a lot of us need somewhere to turn to during hard times, someone to talk to, someone who can probably give us more information or knowledge than we have, someone to tell us everything will be ok, or at least guides us on the right path to happiness. People do go to fortune tellers out of curiosity, but those who frequently go to psychics are usually those who need extra help, whether they realize it or not.

There are readers and psychics who can predict the future, but often times, the future is no quite set in stone and even so, we can still influence it, so I normally don’t look into the future. I look at the current situations and possible consequences in order to help the person heal. I’m a healer, a problem solver, so I prefer to work on the issues and help people move forward. Although, I do understand that in desperate times, people want to hear that something good is coming. I’ve been there, too, and sometimes I still get there and pull out cards from every deck I own, hoping for good news. So I get it, I understand it, I really do. However, some of us already know, already have the gut feeling of how things are going, in that case the cards only confirm that feeling and don’t really tell them anything new. Even so, it is a relief to hear the confirmation because a lot of us have doubts. I also understand that very well since I still doubt myself sometimes. Sometimes I’d even ask a friend to draw a card for me (while I probably could do it myself). Recently a dear friend of mine had to shake me up a bit and tell me to just trust. It was a good wake up call. I was getting into ‘tell-me-something-good’ mode instead of trusting and continuing to work on my issue. Oh yes, I do have issues to solve, I’m human, too, being a healer means that I have tools to work out and solve things, it doesn’t prevent life from happening.

What I’m saying is, counseling with tarot and oracle cards isn’t such a bad thing, it can help a lot of people find relief by talking to the psychics and readers, and talking really helps. You might even find solutions during the talks. At the same time, if something needs to be done it’s also up to you do act upon it and do something. That something is your next step to the happier you. That something can be anything from a small decision to getting help, getting healing to radically changing your whole life. The opportunity might be right in front of you, but you still have to take it. No one can take it for you.


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