It’s in the numbers!

Did you know that numbers carry different energies? Did you know that you can extract numbers from names? Yes, I’m talking about numerology. I realized a few days ago that I hadn’t done numerology reading on my page names on Facebook. I know I’m being superstitious but I do think it can help if you have less conflicting energy around.

I’ll be honest, my Facebook pages didn’t get a lot of followers. Maybe I’m just unpopular, maybe I don’t post the right things, maybe I should learn the trends, maybe it’s everything all together! So a few days ago I worked on the numerology reports. The results made me laugh. Of all the numbers, 2 of my pages (similar contents, different languages) have number 13. That’s right! 13! For people who know numerology, you can argue that 13 digits down to 4, which is a great number for work and business but i still don’t like 13. If you know tarot cards, the 13th card is Death. And that’s the energy my pages carry! No wonder why they didn’t take off. You see, 13/4, Death, can be good in a different context. Death is an end, after which comes a new beginning, Death is transformation, so it isn’t necessarily a bad thing in the right context. However, I don’t run a funeral home, I don’t need Death energy on my pages. I prefer something else, I prefer the flow, the rooting, the growth, something else.

So I began to play around the names. Being indecisive as I am, I couldn’t choose between two names, Keadar or Keadar Healer. Sure, using my name is easy and it doesn’t require much thinking, so Keadar is always handy as a name. Keadar also translate into number 22. This is a powerful number. A master number. The master builder. The 22 major arcana cards. What’s there not to like about it? None at all. However, I also like the other name, Keadar Healer, because it gives 8. This is another good number in general for work and business, it gives the flow. Some people consider it a number of abundance as it resembles the infinity sign. This is why I like it. My Capricorn part loves anything that sounds generous and abundant! Luckily, I have 2 pages so I can assign a name to each page. Problem solved! Let’s see how it goes! One thing for sure, this is my personal year 5, which means there will be A LOT of changes and I’ve had quite a bit since the beginning of the year already.

What about you? Do you know your numbers? What do they say about you or your business?

Love and light!



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