Invasive Weeds

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

I saw an article a while ago about a campaign that encourages people to pull certain foreign, invasive weeds from their gardens here in Joensuu, Finland. For those who want to look up the article, here it is. it’s in Finnish, though. Among the weeds on the list, I recognized one thing Impatiens Glandulifera, also known as Impatiens. For people who work with Bach flower remedies, you’d definitely know this flower. It’s even in the Rescue remedies that you can buy from a lot of shops with natural products. However, see this spread of impatiens as something symbolic.

Look at how people live these days.

Impatiens. Photo from Pixabay.

Everything has to be fast, quick, no time to waste, always on the go, no patience, stressful. And then these flowers just grow everywhere! It’s like nature is giving the antidote for our modern lifestyle by spreading this particular weed everywhere as if to say, “look, humans, you need help, slow down”. But I doubt many of us see it this way. And then we get sick because of the way we live, then we pop a pill just to forget the problem is there, and we pull these weeds without a second thought. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against pulling weeds. I understand that too much of something is just...too much! I also understand that you just can’t go around picking these flowers from people’s garden to make your remedies. Neither can you force people to keep them in their garden just because they are beneficial, but it’s funny to observe how we live. I might sound crazy to some but I hope others may see my point. If you really look, you might see that there are a lot of medicinal weeds growing in your yards. Do you recognize them? Are they all just weeds to you?

Note: *If you are interested in learning about Bach flower remedies, I recommend courses by Jose Figueroa Garcia. He’s an expert and teaches in depth information about the whole Bach flower system.*

**I do not recommend just going around picking weeds/wild herbs to consume them on your own if you have no prior experience or knowledge, as some plants can be toxic.**


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