I’m a Dragon Lady!

I finally ordered a deck that I had been wanting for a while. And by that I mean about 2 years or so. It’s a dragon deck. I finally decided to buy this together with a few other decks, there are some angel cards that are soon to be out of print, if not already, either way it was now or never for the angel cards so I got greedy and bought a few decks of cards. I was and still am more drawn to this dragon oracle cards deck than the angel cards and I think there’s a reason.

On Friday night-Saturday morning I had an interesting dream with a huge snake. (I know my dreams are usually interesting.) In this dream, I was going somewhere in full speed and from the opposite direction towards me came flying this huge, light green snake and I’m no friends with snakes so I put my arm up to shield myself and the snake got my whole hand in it’s mouth. I definitely freaked out. I freed my hand and wondered if now I would need an amputation but it seemed to work fine, it felt weird but it functioned.

I woke up wondering what it could mean. Spent most of my day thinking, decoding, deciphering. Then I realized that the Dragon cards just arrived the day before, I went to pick them from the post office the previous evening. How silly of me! Of course it was about dragon energy! Dragon is a big serpent. Chinese dragons don’t even have wings! The dragon energy caught me. It’s not the first time I saw a snake in my dream, but this dream made me feel like the dragon cards deck was really meant for me, it’s mine, now it has come to me along with (even more) dragon energy!

For those of you who are interested in cards but haven’t got started yet, listen to what calls you. Maybe some energy is trying to get to you to help and work with you. Let me know if you’d like to talk more in details about cards. For now, I only know that this dragon deck is really mine. :)


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