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Noitatohtori (witch doctor) offers helps with many things in life. Noitatohtori helps with your physical well-being, mental and spiritual well-being, life improvements and counseling. Get in touch:

  • When you need to improve your life situation

  • When you need stress relief

  • When you need to understand where you are going if you keep things the way they are

  • When you need help with recovery process

  • When you need support

  • When you feel lost or stuck in your own life

  • When you need to find balance in your emotional and spiritual aspects

  • And just about whenever you need help for your spiritual life!

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Don't have time? Traveling? Live far away? Don't worry, all counseling services can be done via Skype as well. Book your calling time here or contact us here!

About Me




Do I fly on a broom stick? No! Do I turn people into frogs? No! What kind of witch am I then? Well, if you consider healing with energy and without medication magic, then I practice magic! If you consider all things not (quite yet or barely is) proven by science magic, then I practice magic! I believe there is more than what our physical eyes can see. I believe that things begin with energy, they begin from the abstract and the untouchable, they begin with thoughts. You think before you do. You think before you start a project. You plan before you work. You at least have to have that thought that you are going to work before you work. You feel the hunger before you eat or at least have the thought you should eat. You can even get sick from over thinking, from stress. You could also lift your mood with positive thinking and hope. All things are energy. You interact with people, you exchange energy. You sleep, you recharge your energy. If you can worry yourself sick, you can 'think' out of it, too.

 Both my parents are healers, there has been healers for a few generations in my family. I was born and raised in a Buddhist country where meditation and ceremonial magic aren't a thing of hippy, in fact, they are quite common even in our modern world. I have learned that you can work with energy and create or shape your reality. As a child, I believed in miracles, just like many other children. I was interested in miracles, magic, the supernatural and parapsychology. As a child, one of the two things I wanted to become was a witch, a good witch, a powerful witch who could fly around the world to help people. I have learned that magic is just a way to work with energy. Witchcraft isn't a thing of fantasy. The negative label only was attached to it by those who feared because they didn't understand. Just as with all kinds of practice, you can do it for the good or the bad, the method is just how you achieve it. If your intention is pure, you will use your skills to help. If your intention is malicious, even medicine can be used to kill. The choice is yours, it starts with what you want. I've also learned that miracles can happen any time and the word is used to describe things that happen without you being able to understand with your mind, things that are not scientifically proven, when miracles can be so simple. So when a healer places his or her hands on the recipient and energy begins to flow then the pain is relieved, it's a miracle. When you direct your thoughts and minds to the calmer state, you reduce anxiety, and it's a miracle. You change your way of thinking or defining things and you can change the way you feel about those things, that's also a miracle. Love is a miracle. I have understood that I have to start with the thought, with energy. With all these definitions, I can say I practice magic. The title 'witch' was a joke made by friends but it suits me well, hence the name of this web page. By education I'm a linguist and teacher.  I'm a healer, a miracle worker, a magic practitioner and more! And I believe that we can influence our lives. I believe we can change the energy and change our lives. It begins with the thought. It begins with you. You have to want the change and then you can change. I believe that we all can.

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