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Don't know where you are going with life? Not sure what to do anymore? You're unhappy with your current situation? Need positive changes in life? What about those sleepless nights? How much have you spent on buying things to keep your mood good but they don't even give you the lasting effect? How much have you already spent? How long have you been suffering? Maybe you even get stressed out? If you would calculate the cost of being unhappy, how much have you spent already? If you could put money on it, how much is your health and happiness worth? Try 'Life Designer' program which helps you from guiding you through with your life and soul lessons and then give you tools to help shape your life into the direction you desire! We are all given the free will to choose. Come learn how to shape your life into what you want! Your happiness is worth it!


How does it work? 

First, you will learn to deeply relax, because making decisions from panic or stress might not give you the best results.​ Our reptile brain is there for a good reason but there are also times when you need to operate from a different level. Learn to deactivate your fight or flight mode before taking the next step and makingdecision.

Then you learn about patterns and lessons in your life. There are things that you can let go and be free from, and you need to do that in order to make space for new things in life. We will teach you how. There may be things for you to learn as well and we will help you see them. 


And then? Here's where the fun begins! You can realize your dreams. Bring out your fantasies and we will give you the tools to help make them come true! You will be guided every step of the way!

Is it the same thing as Life Coach then?

Similar to the Life Coaching, Life Designer is a sort of counseling and consultant service aiming to help clients to improve their life situations. Furthermore, Life Designer also approaches your situation from a spiritual level as well as energetic level. Life Designer also includes soul coaching and much more to help you move past the obstacles and build the life you desire.

How long is the program?

With regular visits (recommended) about once a week or once every other week, the whole program lasts about 2-3 months. However, you should be able to feel positive changes already after a couple of weeks. The program can be extended if there is need, for example, when your life situation already takes tolls on your physical health and you also need healing during the program.



If the problems have accumulated over the years, how can 3 months change my life so much?

Three months can work miracles if you know what to do and how to do. During this time, with efficient methods, you feel begin to feel positive changes from within, that's why we start with relaxation and recognizing your life pattern and energy around you. Once your inner reality shift, the outer reality also begins to change. Not everything will change within 3 months but the changes will be so big that the rest will come more easily even after the program has finished. Besides, the tools you learn can be applied after the program as well, so you can continue to modify your life on your own. 

How do I sign up? 

Send a message on Contact page with suitable time for your first session or simply book from booking page to get started. 

Think about all the suffering, or maybe sleeping pills, or other shopping impulses, the time you've spent suffering, the health all the suffering has cost you, let's turn it around!

Price: 70e/1.5 hrs. * 7 sessions (490 euros in total)

         Or payment plan 230euros * 2 times (30euros discount)

         Or one time payment for 430 euros (you get 60euros discount)

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