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The understanding of meditation is broad and there are many ways to meditate, from walking meditation to seated meditation, from thought observations to visualization. Meditation comes in many forms. This practice and tradition has been around for a long time. Earliest records of meditation date back to 1500 BC (according to A clinical guide to the treatment of human stress response by George S. Everly, Jeffrey M. Lating 2002 ISBN 0-306-46620-1 s. 199). People of all ages and walks of life can practice meditation. Even praying can get you into meditative state. Each practitioner may have their own preference. Regardless, all practices of meditation are beneficial. Here are some benefits that have been researched.

Meditation helps you*:

  • Focusing and concentration

  • Stress relief

  • Relaxation

  • Sleep better

  • Blood pressure

  • Brain and immune functions

  • Anxiety

  • Productivity

  • Creativity


Is it difficult?


No, it isn't. Guided meditation is designed to make it easier for you to get started with meditation. You can also try different techniques. You will also get advice and help from the instructor. Guided meditation is an easy way to start learning to meditate. Book a private session or join group meditation. Information about group meditation and other events can be found on event page. 



How can it help so much?

Meditation can help with so many things because once you get into meditative state your brain frequency is lowered to alpha level (or lower in some cases). In alpha brain waves, you are more relaxed so naturally your stress and anxiety will lower. When you are relaxed, it is also easier to go to sleep. A lot of the problems in our modern world is created by stress. Stress can affect your blood pressure and other bodily functions. If you can relieve stress, you are relieving yourself of those issues. Besides, in this is brain wave frequency when you are more relaxed, you are not as distracted and when practiced regularly, you can focus better on what you need to. Once your mind is relaxed, you perform tasks better and thus are more productive. That's also when creativity begins!


How do I start?

You can start with guided meditation. Book your private session or join a group session to experience group energy! Group meetings will be posted on events page.

* Read more detailed researches, for example:










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