About Keadar

Keadar is a healer, Tarot counselor and numerologist. She's an overall energy worker from Thailand. Keadar inherited her healing ability from generations of healers in her lineage and still continues to improve her abilities and learn new ways to facilitate people with their healing processes.


Growing up in Thailand where spirituality (and magic practice, considered superstitions and folks' beliefs by some) was normal, Keadar started learning about meditation at a very young age. As a curious child also being drawn to mysteries, she picked up her first deck of Tarot cards when she was 11, together with the fact that half of the family was Buddhist and the other half Muslim, she learned to see life, religions and spirituality from a unique perspective which, in turn, helped her become more understanding and more open to differences and really see the people she talks to behind their layers of cultures, belief systems and upbringing. 

Keadar has also received a special education on intuitive Reiki from her esoteric teacher and now most often works with intuitive Reiki during her healing sessions. She also uses a variety of modalities to tailor the help to suit the needs of her clients' life situations, such as a combination of a healing session with Bach flower remedies, healing with visualization and meditation, Tarot therapy and healing with the help of numerology. 

She likes learning when she has time and has a wide range of interests which includes herbalism, cooking, crystals and gem stones, beaded jewelry and all things energy!

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